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Rue de Berlin - 12000 Rodez
Tél. +33 (0)5 65 73 62 62 - Fax +33 (0)5 65 73 14 15

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– Amenities
– Lounge with open fireplace
– Terrace with table and chairs
– Lift
– Extra bed if required
– Air-conditioning
– Daily press
– Free wifi
– Free gated parking lot open day and night

Room service

Meals served on a platter
Example of room service menu :

Butternut squash soup, toasted bread and grated Rodez cheese

On toasted French bread, tomatoes, goat cheese, thyme oil and salad

Sucrine-lettuce in vinaigrette sauce, artichokes, tomatoes in oil, thin slices of Laguiole

Local dry-cured ham and sausage from SERIN, artichokes, dried tomatoes

Duck foie gras

Risotto wade with durum wheat and mushrooms

Semolina and vegetables cooked couscous-style

Penne pasta in tomato and basil sauce

Fricassee of long range chicken, with preserved onions, mushrooms, and a side to be chosen from Penne pasta, durum wheat or vegetables

Cod brandade, walnut oil

Sauté veal from Segala and Aveyron, lemon, and a side to be chosen from penne pasta, durum wheat or vegetables

Platter of Aveyron cheeses:  Roquefort, Laguiole, cow Tome, quince and laurel chutney

Ice-creamed mousse, passion fruit and strawberry fruit salad.